AWS Moves re:Inforce Conference to Boston

AWS is canceling its re:Inforce conference in Texas for the third year in a row, but the event is taking place in Boston this time.

The conference, which focuses on cloud security, compliance, identity and privacy, is now scheduled for July 26-27 in Boston, the same city where AWS hosted the inaugural gathering in 2019.

The cloud provider hasn’t said whether Texas’ political and culture wars were a factor in its decision to bypass the state, which is increasingly becoming a hub for new tech jobs, even though its policies seem go against the values ​​of technology companies. An AWS spokesperson confirmed the new location and date for the conference on Sunday.

Some tech industry workers praised the AWS relocation decision via Twitter, including Corey Quinn, chief technology officer and cloud economist for The Duckbill Group, and a frequent critic of AWS.

Quinn tweeted that the move “may well be one of the greatest logistical and moral things I’ve ever seen Amazon do.”

“Thank you, Amazon. This one mattered,” he said in another one Tweeter.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has come under fire for a February directive requiring the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate certain gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth as “child abuse.” children” alleged under Texas law. Tech companies are among critics attacking the directive, which has been temporarily blocked pending judicial review. Texas’ policy against vaccination mandates, its ban on most abortions, and a battle over critical race theory have also been burning issues for the state.

AWS had also planned to hold re:Inforce in Houston in 2020 and 2021. After completely canceling the 2020 conference due to the coronavirus pandemic, AWS canceled last year’s in-person event – ​​citing a level of COVID-19 threat raised in Houston – and hosted a free virtual version instead.

Registration information for the AWS re:Inforce 2022 conference in Boston will be available soon, according to an AWS webpage for the event. The cloud provider will also offer free live streaming of the keynote and leadership sessions, while it will record other sessions for posting after the conference.

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