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Annie erstling

Strategy Director, Forcura

Annie erstling

Main issue: The industry’s continued ability to protect itself against sophisticated cyber threats.

Forcura has been a trusted partner of our more than 700 healthcare customers and several technology partners for nearly a decade.

Meanwhile, we’ve improved our internal rigor around information security processes, achieving SOC 2 compliance certification on our way to the highest level of certification available to healthcare technology providers, HITRUST.

Beyond that, we strive to help our clients strengthen their security processes with free educational webinars and downloadable content showcasing information security best practices from their peers, approaches to staffing and how to keep their leaders informed and protected against data breaches and their significant financial and clinical consequences.

Ransomware attacks in healthcare have been proven to present a life or death situation.

We all play a role in strengthening our technology infrastructure and Forcura will continue to invest to keep the security as high as possible.


Sherry davidson

President, Davidson Realty Inc.

Sherry davidson

Main Issue: Uncertainty of costs for completing the development process, whether it is a mixed-use, commercial or residential development project.

We see a good example of this in the housing market today, with listed homes not being sold until they are nearly completed.

The real estate developer has no way of accurately projecting the cost of the developed parcel or the finished lot with the current fluctuation in both the schedule and cost of the land, government permits, labor and construction costs. materials. Inflation fears add to the volatility of the situation.

Our strategy is to assume a longer and more flexible holding period. An up-to-date market analysis as to the inventory and price of the finished product will be reviewed before each part of the development process begins.


Frederick H. Kent III

Shareholder and Chairman, Marks Gray

Frederick H. Kent III

Main Issue: The US economy is at a tipping point and this is creating uncertainty in many industries.

Businesses face many legal challenges, especially as we see new regulations, rising inflation, potential tax increases, and new mandates like the vaccine mandate.

The direction will depend on factors such as the pandemic, the political climate, and inflation.

The economy may continue to advance at a slower and more cautious pace or we may be on the verge of entering a form of fiscal crisis.

The legal industry is unique in that it will always be successful, regardless of the economy.

During a recession, certain areas of law flourish, such as bankruptcy, collections and foreclosures. In a growing economy, the areas that thrive are mergers, acquisitions and real estate.

Uncertainty means being prepared for any eventuality. You have to be flexible and diversified in your areas of practice.

Be prepared to meet the needs of your customers in any economic climate.


David C. Cohen

President and Chief Distiller, Manifest Distilling; President, Florida Craft Spirits Association

David C. Cohen

Main problem: Consolidation of an already heavily regulated industry makes it increasingly difficult for small local producers / producers to compete both in terms of price and leverage to grab people’s attention. Adding supply chain issues only amplifies the problem.

Manifest Distilling will continue to redouble our efforts on the community-driven approach of focusing on our backyard first by creating a world-class destination experience through our Cocktail Room.

This is coupled with our Uplifting Spirits program focused on local charities by presenting one each month and donating a percentage of the cocktail room’s income. We are building on this strong community relationship and support to continue to reach audiences in North Florida and beyond.

None of the above is possible without our team. During the pandemic, we focused on employee retention and growth by providing competitive compensation and benefits.

All of these things combined will hopefully allow us to continue to deliver double-digit year-over-year growth.


Richard robinson

Chef / Owner, Pink Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar

Richard robinson

Main problem: shortages.

The restaurant industry faces supply shortages, staff shortages, higher labor costs due to staff shortages and high costs of goods and services.

Pink Salt’s strategy is to maintain the quality of the food and services we provide and to retain our staff by providing incentives.

We have adopted an aggressive online presence with a digital loyalty program. We have also put in place a strong Customer Really Matters (CRM) program which has been our lifeline during this crisis.

Our focus on cooking is based on five principles of food preparation: integrity, passion, fresh ingredients, service and customer satisfaction.

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