Israel: More than half of Jerusalem’s children live below the poverty line

Ahead of Jerusalem Day in Israel, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy released its report on the capital on Thursday, revealing that it is one of Israel’s poorest cities.

In 2020, 58% of children lived below the poverty line.

While only 15% of Haifa residents live below the poverty line — and only 12% in Tel Aviv — in Jerusalem, Jewish residents below the poverty line sit at 32%.

This is still considerably lower than the Arab population, at 61 percent. Throughout Israel, the poverty rate among the Arab population is 39%.

Nearly half of Arab children in mixed towns live in poverty, a rate four and a half times higher than that of Jewish children, according to The media line.

More than 2.5 million Israelis currently live in poverty, including 1.1 million children, according to a December report by the Israeli organization Latet.

Among the ultra-Orthodox population of Jerusalem, 45% live below the poverty line, slightly higher than in all of Israel at 41%.

The average monthly salary of a Jerusalem resident was slightly lower than that of Israel as a whole – $2,866 compared to $3,434.

Jerusalem accounts for 10% of Israel’s total population, with the largest Jewish and Arab populations of any city in the country.

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