Russian diplomat denounces US inaction to regulate the rampant monopoly conduct of Big Tech – business & economy

MOSCOW, October 21. / TASS /. Unbridled behavior of Silicon Valley and Big Tech is a global problem, which is why Russia laments that the United States lacks the political will to regulate this area, said deputy spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Oleg Gavrilov at a meeting of the Federation Council’s interim committee on information policy and media contacts on Thursday.

“The transnational nature of IT platforms and their monopoly position in the global Internet market lead directly to the need to develop explicit and fair international legal foundations for their activities. In this context, it is regrettable that there is currently no adequate political will. to rationalize this sphere in the United States, behind which usually hide the comfortable skills of these companies ”, underlined the diplomat.

There is a general lack of responsibility in the world in the face of this problem which “has taken on a truly global dimension”, he stressed.

“In this situation, various measures are inevitable at the national and regional levels to respond to the increasingly systematic practice of ignoring the legitimate demands that states and their associations place on these companies,” Gavrilov explained.

Decisions taken in some EU states and at pan-European level, including those imposing substantial fines, can serve as an example for such a response, he added.

As the deputy spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out, the persistence of this trend will continue to transform this dialogue with Big Tech representatives into a series of endless and “longer-lasting lawsuits and court orders. term could lead to the progressive fragmentation of the global information space. “

“We do not want to go in this direction and favor the search for more civilized forms to find a fair balance of rights and obligations in this area. We believe that this scenario fully meets the interests of IT companies”, underlined the Russian diplomat .

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