Stock indices are trading mixed after similar session in the US on Friday

Asian Market Update: Stock indices trade mixed after a similar session in the US on Friday; not much seen in terms of the weekend’s big macro news.

General trend

– Considering the recirculation of Friday’s report that the Chinese Foreign Exchange Committee called on banks to cap speculation on the yuan.

– EUR / USD prolongs its fall, the USD index prolongs its rise.

– WTI crude reduced the opening decline.

– Only modest movements observed for the equity markets so far.

– Cos sensitive to movement. generally lower trade, some have focused on COVID cases in Europe.

– Nikkei 225 reduced the decline.

– Japanese markets are closed for holidays on Tuesday (November 23).

– Hang Seng remained in the red; The TECH index prolongs the decline; Hang Seng announced index changes on Friday.

– The S&P ASX 200 traded slightly lower, financial and energy indices lagging behind.

– US FUT equities remain on the rise.

– The Central Bank of Taiwan (CBC) government has said it will move towards tightening in 2022.

– Companies that must report profits during the NY morning include Niu Technologies, Zhihu.

Titles / Economic data

Australia / New Zealand

-ASX 200 opened 0.0%.

– (AU) Australia PM Morrison: will allow foreign workers, students from December 1st.

– (NZ) The RBNZ Shadow Board is overwhelmingly in favor of a rate hike amid soaring inflation (November 24 will be the next and last RBNZ meeting in 2021).

– (AU) Australia sells A $ 300 million against A $ 300 million shown in June 2051 1.75% bonds, average yield: 2.4794% vs. 2.3718% previously, offer to cover 1 , 94xv 3.52x previously.


-Nikkei 225 opened -0.4%.

– (JP) Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and EC President Michel plan to meet in Japan on November 29 – Japanese press.

– (JP) Japan Chief Cabinet Sec Matsuno: No plan yet on the release of oil reserves, but under consideration; Will continue to pay attention to global energy market trends and their impact on the Japanese economy.


-Kospi opened + 0.4%.

– (KR) South Korea 1-20 November Exports year-on-year: 27.6% vs. 36.1% previously; Imports year-on-year: 41.9% vs. 48.0% previously; YoY chip exports: 32.5% vs. 23.9% previously.

– (KR) The Bank of Korea sells KRW820B against 700B indicated in the 3-month Monetary Stabilization Bonds (MSB): average yield 0.90% vs. 0.99% previously.

– (KR) South Korea’s People’s Power Party (PPP) presidential candidate Yoon and Democratic Party (DP) ruling candidate Lee are nearly tied in the polls ahead of this year’s election next – Yonhap.

China / Hong Kong

-Hang Seng opened 0.0%; Shanghai Composite opened + 0.1%.


– (HK) MSCI to track NetEase and via their Hong Kong stocks rather than their US ADRs, could be the start of a gradual shift in liquidity away from the US for Chinese stocks – press .

– (CN) Chinese developer owners reportedly used at least $ 3.8 billion in personal funds to save their businesses from default – press.

– 388.HK Reduce the minimum market capitalization requirement for secondary listings of Chinese companies without a dual voting structure.

– (CN) Golden Credit Rating Analyst Says Yuan Exchange Rate to Stay High Towards End of 2021 [in line]; note Chinese exports – Chinese press.

– (CN) China PBOC Open Market Operation (OMO): Inject CNY50B in 7-day reverse repurchase agreements against CNY50B before; Net inject CNY40B v Net drain CNY50B before.

– (CN) The Chinese PBOC fixes the benchmark rate of the yuan: 6.3952 against 6.3825 previously.

– (CN) Chinese President Xi: A Chinese ASEAN summit will contribute to regional peace, development and stability; ASEAN shed the shadow of a cold war and maintained regional stability.


– (TW) Central Bank of Taiwan: will not use interest rates to control housing market costs.

– (TW) Taiwan Econ Min Wang: The US-Taiwan economic dialogue will focus on supply chain and 5G technology.

North America

– MNST said he was considering a deal with Constellation – press.


TIT.IT KKR expected to make cash offer of € 5.50 / shr, € 10.8 billion – press.

(UK) BOE Gov Bailey: It’s not the bank’s job to solve the supply chain issues that are hampering economies around the world and driving inflation up.

– (NL) Real estate price index in the Netherlands in October H / M: 1.0% against 1.6% previously; Y / Y: 18.3% against 18.5% previously.

– (UK) Boudanov, head of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency: Russian troops are preparing to attack Ukraine by the end of January 2022 or beginning of February 2022.

Levels from 00:15 ET

– Hang Seng -0.6%; Shanghai Composite + 0.6%; Kospi + 1.2%; Nikkei225 + 0.1%; ASX 200 -0.5%.

Equity Futures: S & P500 + 0.3%; Nasdaq100 + 0.2%, Dax + 0.3%; FTSE100 + 0.3%.

– 1.1292-1.1265 euros; 114.21 to 113.93 JPY; AUD 0.7256-0.7228; NZD 0.7010-0.6983.

– Commodity Futures: Gold -0.2% at $ 1,848 / oz; Crude oil -0.1% at $ 75.90 / brl; Copper -0.7% at $ 4.37 / lb.

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